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Ilka Tampke, Author and Lecturer

"Gwilym has an extraordinary academic command of this material, yet allows space to imagine into the unknown spaces beyond the texts, resulting in learning experiences which are rigorous as well as meditative. A valuable teacher.”

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“I used to see the Mabinogion as a set of rather alien folk tales, but Gwilym decodes the symbolism and opens them up as a living reality. There are important truths in this literature that can inspire and change us.”

Jane Powell, Aberystwyth

“I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Comprehensive, thought provoking and always engaging, it gave me a whole new insight into the complexity of Celtic mythology . . . Gwilym made absolutely clear how to look for the different “orders of meaning” in the stories – the different levels of interpretation –  and we were constantly encouraged to look for the symbolism in order to gain deeper understandings. The course gave me a far better understanding of ancient writings, and changed how I view the society and history of my adopted country.” 

Anne Marie Carty, film maker.


“Gwilym has extensive knowledge of The Mabinogion and other ancient stories. He’s able to bring out hidden depths to the mysterious and often strange tales in the Four Branches. I was amazed by his interpretation, which then brought credible meaning to these potent stories.”

Josie Felce, storyteller and author


“I was lucky enough to do a course on the Four Branches of the Mabinogi with Gwilym Morus-Baird. It was riveting. Dr Morus-Baird was generous and patient with my many questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his courses to anyone.”

E.J. Corbett, author.


“A fascinating perspective on the symbolic language of our ancestors, shedding new light upon old tales and underlining the importance of narrative in our lives.”

Anne Thomas, artist.


“Ardderchog oedd y cwrs. Yr oedd y cyflwyniad yn un gwych ac fe ddysgais lawer o bethau newydd a diddorol. Heb betruso yr wyf yn gallu’i gefnogi fe.”

John Good, President of the Welsh League of Arizona.


“We at PuppetSoup took the course on Celtic Mythology as part of the research into making the show ‘Land of the Dragon – Gwlad y Ddraig’.  The show went on to get multiple five star reviews and has successfully toured the UK for over three years.  The knowledge gained on the course was invaluable to the development of the show and helped us deepen our knowledge and insight into the myths and legends of Wales. A brilliant course, with a fantastic and friendly teacher. We highly recommend it!”

PuppetSoup Company


“As a long time reader of the Mabinogion,  it was with delight that I discovered the online tutorials on Welsh Mythology by Gwilym Morus-Baird. I found his interpretations full of depth and subtlety. I am not only ready to re-listen to this series, but eagerly await the next audio download of the Deer Stalking series. Highly recommended.”

Lynette O’Kane, Colorado


“Before the course the stories of the Mabinogi were an interesting and well loved escape about which I was happy to learn more. By the end of the course they had become living and breathing entities with the potential to layer meaning over my own life. He brings the stories alive.”

Michael Dunn, West Wales


“I found the course to be extremely informative and enjoyable; I was worried it might be too academic but Gwilym has a very natural teaching style which really puts distance learning students at ease. It’s obvious that whilst he is speaking with a passion for the subject of Welsh mythology, he remains open to possibilities in his interpretation (which is well considered and widely researched) leaving the student feeling welcome to take their own interpretation from the text.  Giving both the beginner and more experienced myth seeker a unique insight into the Mabinogi, the Four Branches course covers both the context and times in which they were written, and encourages the student to take a wider view by considering the similarity/differences with other British and Celtic myths. Gwilym is really helping people to take different routes in to understanding more about this rich mythology.”

Lara Marsh, West Wales


“The Welsh Mythology course has deepened my understanding of and respect for Welsh culture and has broadened my skills in understanding myth at new levels. It has ignited a curiosity in me as to how modern bards could use this ancient technique to re-awaken values being lost in our fast paced world and inspire a re-connection to and respect for the earth. If you are studying Druidry, this course is a MUST for your foundation in understanding the original bards of Wales! Thank you for the inspiration.”

Kirsten Manley, Mid Wales


“Understanding Welsh Myths Book 1 is a comprehensive and invigorating exploration of the tales in the Mabinogion and other Welsh stories.”

Earl Livings, author